Fall Into The Funnel

Social Media Likes are only useful if they can serve your business or brand's objectives to grow.

Creating a Better Business Funnel

I have noticed while working with successful companies, big and small; they are continually adding potential clients into their sales funnel. Sometimes it can be through volunteer work, and it can be through another job that spins off into opportunities to make more money with an additional service.
But what is becoming the most common filler of funnels, for small businesses, is social media. Everyone needs a presence on social media. 
Social media marketing is no longer a choice; it’s a fact of life. Whether you run a personal cleaning service, home care, or sell million-dollar homes, you need to have a tight social media game. But creating great content, although that’s incredibly hard, is only half the battle. You need to understand how your business’ funnel works once you have people falling into it.

Fall Into The Funnel

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Funnel Strategy Can Be Fun (Dad Joke #1)

I am skipping a bunch of work in this blog post to focus on the funnel. In large part because I just finally finished the funnel for one of the companies I work for. (Pictured Above) If you have a good market analysis completed, understanding your customer segments as well as your own brand’s voice you are able to really start working on your funnel. Remember, the design of a proper funnel has more to do with what your audience needs in order to stay within it, than it does with how fast you want to get them to the end of the funnel.

Enter the Funnel... It's Fun..el (Dad Joke #2)

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The Funnel Can Start Anywhere But it has to Go Somewhere

Content reach, shares and likes are often seen as indicators of successful social media. And let’s not downplay how helpful those can be; however, they are not paying the bills. Nor, are they moving would be clients further down the funnel to the ultimate goal of them buying your product, acquiring your service, or moving to your town. 
The next step doesn’t have to be significant. If you can think of seamless funnel levels that match your audience’s behaviour and interests, you’ll increase the odds of an eventual purchase. 


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"The key difference between a hobby and a business is being brave enough to ask for payment. If your client has gone through a proper funnel, that conversation should be easy!"
Sandenn Killoran
Might Be Kidding Himself

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