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Exciting News. I am very proud to be bringing the Leaders Forum brand to beautiful New Brunswick. Leaders Forum is the creation of a number of good friends of mine, and has certainly made a significant splash in Nova Scotia and in particular the business community in and around the Halifax Regional Muncipality.

The Buckets...

Metaphors are tricky, but effective. At Leaders Forums we have always focussed on a philosophy that the Founder Robert Zed called the buckets. These buckets are simply metaphorical containers that we can use to assess where we are in terms of the factors that allow us to perform at our best and increase the potential of us achieving our goals.

Personal, Professional, Family, Relationships and Mental Health, these are the five buckets that any ambitious person needs to keep an eye on. The truth is that no-one can have all these buckets perfectly in balance. Our professional demands often come at the expense of family or our personal health, and it certainly takes its toll on our mental health. 

So how do we manage all of this?

The old proverb about wanting to go far certainly applies here. If you do want to go far, you need a team. A team that supports you and isn’t in conflict with the other demands that can affect your buckets. 

Professional advice in completely confidential settings. You can’t always tell your coworkers you’re thinking about quitting. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is burden your family with stress that you can’t put your finger on. For these and so many more scenarios, we bring together a like-minded conflict free cohort to help each other navigate through these challenges and find the equilibrium that works for each member.

We meet about 9 times a year with a retreat thrown in there for good measure. You’ll set goals that help you find a successful balance and you’ll be held accountable for reaching those goals. The confidentiality of the forum ensures that you can always be completely honest and get what you need. 


Should You Join?

I have been a member of my forum for over five years. I know people who have been members of forums for over 20 years. And, we both say the same thing, that being a member of a forum has been the most impactful decision of my personal and professional life. My forum-mates are a second family and have been instrumental in my development as a professional, a father, husband and a person. 

If you are interested in joining our first set of New Brunswick Cohorts, reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss all of the details with you.


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Sandenn Killoran

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