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Side hustles are on the rise in Atlantic Canada. Whether it’s freelancing or part-time gigs, people are looking for ways to boost their income and pursue their passions. Side hustles not only add extra cash, but also allow you to develop new skills and explore new career paths. Opportunities range from ride-share drivers to online sales of handmade crafts, as the gig economy and remote work options continue to grow. Take control of your financial future by pursuing a side hustle today!

1. Something You Can Put Your Hands On.

Craftspeople, artists, and artisans take your business to new heights online and offline. Build a remarkable online shop on Etsy, tapping into the power of the internet. Use social media to increase your following and collaborate with influencers to stay relevant. Expand your reach by networking with small, independent stores in Atlantic Canada by taking your creations on the road. Build relationships, tap into the tourist market, and let your talent mesmerize their customers. Stay authentic and professional, let your craftsmanship shine and build a sustainable business.

The trick here is that little craft shops, antique stores, and locally-centred brick-and-mortar stores have popped up all over the province. Essentially, their kitschy appeal has them sought out by tourists even in the low seasons. They generate traffic by embracing the buy-local mentality. As such, your homemade maple syrup can likely find a place on their shelves for a modest commission or markup.

Get to know these local shopkeeps. They are generally lovely and eccentric people who would love to share in your mutual success. 


Utilize LinkedIn networks and Facebook groups to search out people who are initially from your current location and, as a result, would love to order something “from home” just for nostalgia.

If You're Delivering a Service

Delivering a service as a side hustle can be a great way to earn extra income. However, assessing how much time you have to dedicate to this project is essential before diving in. Will you be able to fully commit to providing high-quality service, even with limited hours to spare? Once you’ve determined how much time you can set aside, you can look at the upfront costs associated with your service. For example, if you’re offering a yard care service, you’ll need the right tools and equipment, which may require some investment up front. Understanding how much you need to spend before getting started is critical to ensuring your side hustle is profitable in the long run.

In Atlantic Canada, many small towns and communities have limited populations, so any new service idea may have to compete with established businesses. Before starting a side hustle, it’s essential to research the market saturation of your chosen niche. Is there already a thriving lawn care business in your town, or are many local artists selling their work online? Knowing how saturated the market is can help you tailor your service offering to stand out better. Ultimately, starting a profitable side hustle in Atlantic Canada means understanding how much time and investment you can commit to your project and creatively differentiating yourself from any existing businesses in your area.


If you deliver a service, select one that costs a lot per unit of your time or can be done without you. If you want to deliver courses on painting, but can also charge for regular access to your studio, you can charge a premium for your one-on-one attention, while also covering costs+ with a monthly membership to your Art Collective

Boat Tours are a popular option for Fisherman between Seasons


The trick of any side hustle is that it generally requires more time to generate the business than to produce the good or deliver the service, at least up front. However, if you can partner with an established marketplace and focus on a small niche where you already know many potential customers or critical partners, then you have an advantage. These advantages can make up for our relatively small population here in Atlantic Canada.

The two factors determining whether a side hustle will succeed are time to deliver and time to acquire. If you make KETO-friendly deserts, it’s not just the cost of ingredients and time to produce these low-carb deserts, but it’s the time on Facebook posting photos, delivering to clients and having to pick up Mcdonalds’ because your oven is constantly filled with no-sugar carrot cake. 

The best side hustles require the least amount of time to develop. Airbnb properties are ultra-valuable because, once registered, the site does most of the work for you. A side hustle should either produce passive income or feel like it does since you’d already be doing this anyway.

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