Have you ever had the feeling like you’re treading water? Either in your career, personal life, with a goal that you’ve set for yourself? I feel this way all the time. It’s common and sadly our society has led us to believe that these are things that we should just accept. This way of life is not conducive to living a spectacular life. We need to help each other out, but call it capitalism, competition or whatever you like, we have been conditioned to not offer help to those who need it, and even worse ask for it when we ourselves need it.

I don’t have all the answers, but throughout my life I have developed a network of people, resources and knowledge that can help get the ball rolling in the right direction. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to get your company and life to take the next step. A manager at a company who wants to become more, or a mom who wants to turn her creativity and passion into a side hustle to help pay for her kid’s university. I can help you take the next steps into making those dreams a reality, I can be there to kick your ass and hold your hand. Everything is confidential, we’ll even sign a non-disclosure agreement. It’s your adventure, start being the hero!

Times When You Could Use A Coach

How It Would Work

I have been incredibly lucky in my life to find a few mentors who have substantially changed my life for the better. By having a third party who I trusted, I was able to unburden myself of struggles I thought were unique to me. Not only did I find out that they were not unique but there were actually systematic and proven ways of dealing with these challenges. My hope is that I can share these insights and empowering processes with you, and that I can help you find the perspective over your life that can help you live your best life at work and at home.