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I’M Sandenn, and I am your Business or Community's Coach!

I grew up very much like an “Army Brat” moving around every three or four years and never belonging anywhere. So I never had a path to follow, or a place to call home.

But when you’re an outsider, you get to observe the flows and patterns of people, businesses and communities with fresh eyes. I’ve developed an approach to understanding the unique qualities of your business, organization or community, that by working together we can translate into unprecedented success!


My Specialties

Digital Strategy

How do you get noticed? We will work together to come up with a strategy that gets you in front of the right people at the right time!

online courses

As we work together I will help you out with access to online materials and courses that I have developed in order to keep your momentum going.

Always Reachable

When we work together, we are going to be friends. Whether it's in person, or via email or Slack, When you need me you can reach me.

Market Strategy

How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What is your ideal customer longing to hear? Together we will find out!

money mindset

Ok, this isn't really my strength. But I have F'd up enough to share some really important lessons and help you build the right team to handle your $.

Goal Setting & Accountability

Momentum is only useful if it is constant and in the same direction. I'll help you create S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

sales funnels

A sales funnel helps you forecast sales, provides stability and confidence in your ability to grow and make investments in yourself and your business

let's get started!

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What My Clients Say

"You’ve created a group that is a safe place for business ladies like myself to rally together and build each other up. Having other passionate people like myself to bounce ideas off of was more than I could have hoped for. I feel so inspired and oddly, I feel like just having the will to learn and grow on something that I love is already being in the right direction."
Stephanie Glendenning
Glendenning Flowers and Canteen
work with me​

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