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Build Something To Be Proud Of

You Are Doing Great!

I don’t know if you needed to hear that, but, you are doing great (yes that is a Bluey reference).

Professional coaching isn’t the answer to all of your problems, but whether it’s your business or career that you are having a challenge with, I can guarantee you it doesn’t hurt to have someone with expertise and who only cares about your success to hash these challenges out.

Through ongoing calls, coffees or beers if you so desire, we will work toward your goals and build the pathways, milestones and objectives you need to achieve.

What Is Coaching

If You Want to Go Far...

Professional coaching isn't incredibly popular in New Brunswick, but it is an incredible tool to build your career, your business, balance out your life objectives with your professional ones and squeeze the most out of the limited time we have to "make hay."

Our sessions and the resources I provide are all tailored to help you get the most out of our relationship. If you're trying to start or buy a business, I'll help with a business plan and introductions to investors. If you are attempting to make a career change, I'll coach you on your resume, interviews and connect you with people who can help.
In between our sessions, you'll have goals that we set together that help motivate you to Keep Moving Forward. I'll hold you accountable for not living up to them and help you find better ways to reach them.

One-on-One Sessions
Meetings with Sandenn 40%
Monthly Homework
Goals and Activities 16%
Holding Your Feet to the Fire 25%
Fostering Strong Connections 19%

Sandenn Killoran MBA

You might be wondering what qualifies this Sandenn guy to be a professional coach, here are a few things that might sway you, but if they don’t that is absolutely fine too:

  • The Masters Degree with a focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Nearly 5 years of executive coaching and facilitation
  • Over a decade of working in, managing and running businesses
  • Those businesses were both personally owned and family owned (trust me both are uniquely hell’ish)
  • A deep knowledge and appreciation for technology innovation and business philosophy.
I can’t guarantee that my talents will match perfectly with your needs but from Vets, to engineers, entrepreneurs to jugglers I’ve managed to help a diverse range of awesome people.

Business and Development Strategies

Building A Map

Know where you're going, and how to get ther

Strategic marketing, sales, marketing and even career plans are all living and breathing things. Whether you’re trying to cover costs, climb the corporate ladder or land more clients, having a plan is essential. And that plan needs to be able to adjust on the fly.

Together we will constantly revisit, revise and evolve these plans to keep you, your business, and your career on track.


Burnout might be one of the biggest things facing entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals. Together we will work on finding a balance and the perspective needed to vanquish your enemies whether they are perceived or actual.

Only So Many F's to Give

The more you try to achieve, the more shit gets in your way. So together, we will work to prioritize the critical shit from what seems necessary.

Move Further, Faster

Coaching has been proven to increase success within a career, organizations, and businesses.

Take Leaps, Not Steps

Professionals who work with a coach have been shown to be more successful than those who don't. Whether it is a mentor a peer group or a traditional coaching relationship the benefits are fast and undeniable.

Each Package Comes With A Free Discovery Meeting

You may have noticed that there are no listed prices here. That’s because I’ve decided that everything is going to be tailored. I have some costs that I need to cover and then we will discuss what you feel is an appropriate amount of service and support that you need to achieve your goals. 

My goal is to help as many people as possible. So please don’t hesitate to reach out, chances are we can work out a deal that works for both of us to achieve our goals.

Kind Words From Past and Present Clients

Alannah Hickey
    Alannah Hickey

    Owner North Shore Cleaners

    I have reached out to Sanden numerous times over the years. His knowledge and professionalism has helped me through some of the hardest days as a business owner! I have always left our conversations with a fresh sense of understanding and a new positive attitude towards my goals and ideas! He has always been there to help and guide me in the best direction, day or night!

    Robert Zed
      Robert Zed

      Chair Triangle Strategies

      Sandenn is a solid and creative leader. He is an excellent listener and a caring individual. He has an outstanding ability to distil and synthesize complex concepts into understandable practical terms that emerging leaders can process. His integrity is flawless and his hard working attitude and precision focus make him an example of a great leader to follow.

      Sharon Jones-Gilmore
        Sharon Jones-Gilmore

        COO VVS

        I have had the opportunity to work with Sandenn for the last few years and I am more then pleased with the service, professionalism and skills he has brought to the table. With Sandenn’s guidance and advice I have been able to improve on my own professional development as well as my personal life goals. Sandenn has the skill of being able to hold you accountable to your tasks, actions and goals in the manner that propels you forward with confidence. He is not afraid to have the difficult conversations to push back on your excuses or barriers you create for yourself. As a mentor and consultant his knowledge, life experience, communication style and sense of humor make working with him a winning situation. Whether it has been a causal meeting over burgers and beer or a formal business conference, Sandenn has not yet steered me wrong.

        Guillaume Roy
          Guillaume Roy

          Owner Operator Goliath Tech

          Amazing experience, I am greatfull to have had the pleasure of discovering your buisness and happy to be part of the family. I know i’ll be around for the future and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to acomplish with your help in my buisness.

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          What does it mean to fail spectacularly? Simply put, it is to set a goal or vision so amazing that it is unattainable. Thus, even failing is a spectacular success.

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