Economic Development & Strategic Planning

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A goal without a plan is a dream.
A plan without action is a waste of paper.

Let's work together to discover the vision, build the plan, initiate the actions and reach the goal.

Strategic Planning

Build a Dream That Will Outlive You

Strategic planning is an ongoing process, but, it has to start somewhere. Together we will work through the past, the present and gain a fuller understanding of what is coming in the future.

We work to develop a plan that not only matches the challenges of today but is able to adapt to the unforeseen problems in the future.

Economic Development

You can't go very far with no gas... or electricity in the car.

Generate Growth

If you're standing still, you are not moving forward. Together we will analyze all the factors that influence your organization, and the tools, initiative and action plans to build a better future for your community, business or not for profit.
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Sales Growth

Sales are tough. The discipline requires initiative, insight and innovation. How are you pushing the envelope?

Build Better Funnels

Building great sales funnels can be difficult. It can require immense effort, resources and focus. However, if you don't have the strategy and the guardrails well established you can easily go off the road.
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What you'll Gain

The Guidebook

A strategic plan, an economic development strategy or a sales strategy is only as good as the ability for someone to understand it.

An economic strategy for example could consider commodity pricing indexes for the previous and future decade. But how does this information translate to what the office administrator needs to do in regard to fielding questions from citizens, customers or potential clients / investors?

We need to go beyond the board table and develop strategies that can be distilled into tactile, easy to follow action plans. That’s where 

The Guidebook comes in.


For Strategic Plans

Your strategic plan Guidebook will include level by level instructions from introduction to execution to review and retooling. Best practices and recommendations tailored to your organization to facilitate the best opportunity for success and buy-in.


For Economic Development Plans

What are the tools, the skills and super powers you’ll need to give your economic strategy the best chance of success? How can you differentiate between smoke and mirrors, and an opportunity to go all in? Your Guidebook will give you the play-by-play instructions so that your team has the best chance of winning, regardless of resources.


For Sales Strategies

Sales is probably the hardest job in the world. Brain Surgeons be damned. The sales landscape and markets are always changing. Sometimes in small minute ways, sometimes in seismic shifts that force you to reconfigure everything. 

Your Guidebook will include calculations and KPIs that will help you through the implementation of your Sales Strategy and keeping it current and effective.

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What does it mean to fail spectacularly? Simply put, it is to set a goal or vision so amazing that it is unattainable. Thus, even failing is a spectacular success.

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