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I wake up in the morning, and if I sit up, and the blinds are open, I can see the water. When I go downstairs to have my first of five daily coffees I can see an open field that runs into the woods. There is not a day that goes by that I do not realize how incredibly fortunate I am. I am lucky to be the child of two amazing parents who worked an insane amount of hours to provide a great future for me. I am fortunate that the woman I love was just crazy enough to love me back, and most of all, I’m lucky that despite growing up all over the country, I get to live in Belledune with my family.

One of the most enduring aspects that I’ve learned from my father was a sense of responsibility to contribute to the place you call home. Try and make it better, or as Kevin Spacey says,

“If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.”

I believe that it has been far too long since we had elected officials that aligned themselves with these principles. People in Belledune are having a hard time, in particular, young people. Young people haven’t had a voice in this community for a very long time. It’s time that changed.

If elected, I will immediately start working with my fellow councillors to find ways to make Belledune a more attractive place for small and medium businesses to start up and for young families to set down some roots. I will work towards the establishment of a community learning centre that teaches post-secondary skills and other programs. I’ll work towards the creation of a healthy living department that will prioritize preventative health care initiatives for all of our citizens. From the cradle, right through retirement.

I will have more to say as the campaign rolls on, but for right now I’d like to invite you to join me on this adventure. The reason I am starting this journey online is because I believe that I bring the energy and focus towards the future that this village has sorely missed for many years.

So on May 9th, I hope you’ll support me in my campaign, and then work with me to build a better Belledune.

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  1. I’m not in your riding, but best of luck, all these small areas need some new Blood!

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