Blogging everyday was bound to lead to some introspection

Well it was bound to happen. Writing a blog everyday, apart from regulating a bit of the traffic to the site, was always going to lead to having to share some personal stories. I hope you can learn from these even if they are just cautionary tales.

I’m better on the page than in person.

Ask someone who knows me, I am not nearly as open or as personable as someone with a daily blog would usually be. I can’t really tell you why that is. It’s easily one of my most confusing characteristics. I hate networking and making small talk, but I could present for eight hours in front of a crowded room. I can write this blog post for public consumption but couldn’t have this conversation with a friend.

I moved around a lot as a kid and have as a result, a nagging fear of being rejected. I was also incredibly argumentative and that quality makes me sceptical of almost everything that is said to me. This particular quirk has led to a hard time connecting with others and a lot of adversarial relationships.

How this affects my career

As a result of all of this I find it incredibly hard to cold call. Without being the authority in the room I am very uncomfortable making small talk. This makes networking, an absolute must do as a marketing professional, incredibly tough.

But this level of self awareness, can be useful. If you can fully understand where your gaps are, of course you can work on them, but the better chance you’ll have to succeed is to be open about them, find people who excel in these areas and add them to your team.

Excel in your areas of strength, work on your weaknesses and continually strive to do better.



Eating alone. Some people hate it.

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