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First of all, I’ll save you from wondering, that is a clickbaity title. Yesterday, I started formally the next chapter of my professional career, a business consulting firm to work with early-stage or small businesses/side hustlers. The first phase of my business model is to host Small Business Bootcamps. I teach some key business strategies that these businesses because they spend so much time in the dirt, don’t have time to consider or learn. So then the hope is that either the entire group chooses to continue to work together with me in a forum style relationship or one on one. 

Yesterday was my first one. I was incredibly impressed with the intelligence, the emotional intelligence and the support that these entrepreneurs gave each other. These facts shouldn’t have surprised me, as the audience was 85% female. The three men in the room, besides myself, were my brother serving as my assistant and two colleagues and friends I pressured into attending. Now the registration was pretty set for the last two weeks, so I knew what the demographic skew was going to be, so I had some time to think on it. I looked into stats of small business owners and various entrepreneur support groups. As I searched for statistics, it became evident that except for the wealthy entrepreneurs and programs associated with levels of prestige, participation in these programs skews female.

We discussed this realization off the top and very briefly. I noted to the group that this is a growing problem. Given the drastic rise in male suicide rates (particularly in my region) of men in their 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s it begs the realization. That the Future is Indeed Female, and it’s because women in our society are more comfortable seeking out help and support. Whereas men will white knuckle through emotional and business pressures to a breaking point. 

Women have always had the capability to be just as good at business as any man. We are all equal, and if you don’t think so then fuck you. However, in a world where competition is high, and everything is interconnected, women, have a distinct advantage over men. One that will in time drive increasing female success in business and if left untreated will result in the continuation of one of the worst mental health crisis in recent history.

To the women of the business world, your business and emotional intelligence is something to be admired and aspired. Also, to my fellow dudes in the workforce, don’t wait too long to ask for help, it can lead to failures to grow, succeed, and much worse.



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