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When You’re the Only Man in the Building…

I am currently sitting in the waiting room in the OBGYN office. There weren’t a lot of seats so I’m not even close to my wife. My infant son and I are alone in a corner near the radio so attention is naturally drawn towards the only two penises in the building. This simultaneous isolation and passive curiosity have given me time to consider the following things:

  1. I can understand why office gender parity is important, you kind of just feel like you stand out when you’re the only member of your gender in a given room.
  2. Women who smoke do not enjoy having to wait an hour past their appointment time.
  3. The car seat my son has is like one of the business class pods on Air Canada, except that I have to carry him around. And there is no unlimited wine.
  4. There is a correlation between how much denim someone is wearing and their level of patience.
  5. If you slam your toes in the door and only have your narrow tipped dress shoes you’ll spend your waiting room experience feeling your heart beat in your shoe.
  6. The presence of a man in the waiting room, regardless of the accompanying car seat seems to make everyone else a little bit uncomfortable.
  7. If Zdeno Chara can’t play in the rest of the Finals and Bergeron can lead them to a cup it’ll cement his name in Boston Sports History. Not a small feat.
  8. Local FM radio although always playing something might not be the best option for a room of inpatient people.
  9. Public WiFi should be a requirement in all waiting areas.
  10. If Belledune doesn’t want to invest in attracting new citizens and investment to the community they should just say it so young families don’t waste years waiting for the community to care about them.
  11. Is it better to live a strictly principled life and fail or compromise and increase the probability of success?
  12. What would it be like if we taught decision making and moral psychology in high schools.

Well that killed about 15 minutes, so hopefully there’s something in that list that triggers some thoughts for you too. And Jack is still sleeping in his business class pod. thanks for reading.

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    1. Thanks Etta, I wish I could say that I agree with you but I’m still thankful for all your support and that you read the blog.

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