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How to Incorporate in
New Brunswick

In A world Where Contract Work is Becoming the New Normal

A Roadmap to Incorporation

It's not a good thing that full-time employment and life long positions are on the decline. People under the age of 40 are all to aware that the time of the 35 year company man is long gone! Now more and more we are moving into what is known as the "Gig" economy. Taking work with multiple employers or even just one but getting paid like a contractor. This isn't a great turn of events; however, there are certain advantages to incorporation, but you have to incorporate. That's what this post is meant to help you with. Especially, if you live in New Brunswick.

In A world Where Contract Work is Becoming the New Normal

Of Course There's More To It

Every business is unique and there is a whole lot more required to set up your business. Do you need Work Safe NB Authorization? Liability Insurance? Tools or Equipment? These are all questions I can't answer for you without knowing more about your venture; however, if you follow the steps above, and sadly many don't, you'll avoid some pretty big pitfalls that befall a lot of first time entrepreneurs.

I hope this helped and if you want any more help you can always reach out to me directly.


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