A Tectonic Exhale

When The
Earth Shakes

Did you feel the Earthquakes today? I got both of them. The first one was a bit softer as I was sitting down in the basement of my office. The second came around while I was home at lunch sitting down with my newborn son and then watching my wife react to it.

Apparently, we may be subjected to a few days of aftershocks. Which I feel is a really cool concept. And it’s also a perfect metaphor for what it can be like to try and make a life-changing decision, maybe about your health, maybe about a relationship, your career or anything else.

Earthquakes are caused by immense pressure under the surface of the earth, moving plates build tension until one gives or one force overcomes the other. Afterwards, there are often aftershocks, some of which can outdo the intensity of the initial quake. When we make seismic changes in our life, these are the consequences that we have to be prepared for. Sometimes the destruction can lead to the freedom and release that we have longed for. Then on other occasions, it feels like we have lost everything as the earth opens below us and swallows all of our dreams. 

It is exceptionally uncommon in Northern New Brunswick to feel the Earth Shake. It’s a dramatic occurrence that has everyone talking for a day or two. So use this time to ask yourself if it’s time for you to do like the tectonic plates under our feet, and shake stuff up!


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