Becoming More?

I’m really excited, almost as much as I was in Houston when I got to step into the space suit (see photo on left). Why am I really excited? Because, I have booked my first Small Business / Startup Bootcamp. 

The Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is hosting the event and I couldn’t be more psyched to get to put on what I believe is going to be an amazing workshop in my home region, a few blocks from where I graduated high school.

Why Should You (the Reader) Care?

That’s a good question and hopefully I can answer it for you.

What Is a Startup Bootcamp?

That is a good question. The easy answer is, it’s a workshop where we will build a business plan, preliminary marketing strategy and introduce you to some resources that any side hustle, startup or small business can immediately take advantage of.
The long answer: It is the start of a trend of skill sharing and development that can help people in rural communities take advantage of the internet, social media and a whole host of 21st century technology that big cities have been leveraging for almost two decades. It can help us grow and diversify our economy giving opportunities for entrepreneurs and workers young and old to start and continue amazing careers in Rural Canada.

The Benefits for You

How this Bootcamp Can Help You

It really doesn’t matter if you have never run your own business, dabbled or have been running a business that you just want to see grow. There is always something to be gained by sharing knowledge and skills in a helpful environment.

Learning New Skills and Tools

An Entrepreneur's Toolkit with Software Picks and Tips

Inspiration From Fellow Entrepreneurs

Exercises Designed to Develop Your Ideas, Marketing and Operations

Network Development

25 entrepreneurs like you who can help you reach your target market

A Road Map

Starting and running a business can be hard. Great speakers will share stories of struggles and successes so you can have an easier road
The Source Material

Not Pulling This Out of My Ass

I want you to feel confident that you are making the right choice in attending this workshop. 

Over the last several years I have struggled running a business in a rural area. We have been able to keep our heads above water but the challenges are substantial. We have lost good people, we have had to pivot our entire business model to a lower cost model that makes sales and marketing far more important then when the company started and times were easy.

In these years I have consumed stacks of books on the subjects of marketing, sales psychology, decision making, business strategy, technology driven marketing and so much more. I have been a part of some great programs and even hired a professional coach to assist me in understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur in a rural area, and trust me if you live in the maritimes you are in a rural area. 

I’ve distilled all of the materials from these experiences into a one day program and companion road map so that you have the absolute best chance possible at reshaping your future by either starting your own side hustle, small business or taking the next step with your current business.

Guest Speakers

Katherine Lanteigne

Owner Au Bootlegger & Kaffeine

Jenna MacDonald

Founder of There's a Shoe for That

Only 25 Seats Available

If you are dreaming about starting a business, growing your small business or just want to start a side hustle this is not a workshop that you want to miss.

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