Sandenn Killoran Regional Development Consultant

Sinking In The Snow

I’ll Tell You What I Know

As Canadians, we can picture the metaphor of walking through the snow quite easily. Every step is a struggle as you sink, sometimes a little, and sometimes right up to your crotch. Every time this happens your will to continue fades just a bit. It gets to the point that you stop looking in front to your goal and start either getting comfortable and secure in your current position, knocking others down who might occupy your space, or you start looking back to when you weren’t in the snow to a now fictionalized land of milk and honey that if only you could get back to, life would be so easy. The problem with both of these tactics is that neither gets you where you actually need to go. In fact, the result is often times that you end up knocking down someone who’s will could carry them to a shared goal, simply due to fear of them altering the certainty of your own footing. (more…)

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