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A Bootcamp for Those Who Want to Become More

Becoming More? I’m really excited, almost as much as I was in Houston when I got to step into the space suit (see photo on left). Why am I really excited? Because, I have booked my first Small Business / Startup Bootcamp.  The Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is hosting the event and I couldn’t be […]

The Video Blogs Begin

Good day friends, as promised I am going to be doing a lot more work on the personal blog, and the professional channels, so make sure to come back early and often, the new format is almost finalized and they are all going to kick off with a video. #NoCertaintyOnlyOpportunity

Sinking In The Snow

I’ll Tell You What I Know As Canadians, we can picture the metaphor of walking through the snow quite easily. Every step is a struggle as you sink, sometimes a little, and sometimes right up to your crotch. Every time this happens your will to continue fades just a bit. It gets to the point […]