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How We’ve Failed…


It has been a few weeks since the protests in the USA have begun, and I have been mostly silent on the matter as I sat back and reflected on the role I played or did not play in making things better or worse in the communities in which I live. I have discretely made some donations to causes supporting the movement and lent my name to petitions demanding justice and change. I live in a white region of Canada, and racial diversity is not always front and centre in my mind. After living in Edmonton, a much larger city and coming back for a visit, I was sitting at the lights at a popular intersection, and it hit me how white of a community northern New Brunswick is. (more…)

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The Unreasonable Man

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;…

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

W.B. Yeats – The Second Coming

When Ambition Meets Apathy

Many of us spend most of our evenings sitting at home re-watching a show that we’ve seen several times already? I do. During which time I also snack, which combined with my sedentary job has done a number on my physique. At the same time, we swipe through Facebook, Instagram and yes even Snapchat, looking at people who are out living the lives we feel that we deserve.


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Responsibility Vs. Accountability

This post is to serve as a digital record of my monthly report delivered to council on the 15th of April, 2019.

It’s been an exciting month in the Village of Belledune and the world at large.

The brothers and sisters of USW 7085 and Glencore have broken off talks in their Collective Bargaining negotiations. And inside these walls, we are yet to figure out a means to effectively communicate with each other and the public in general.


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Being Canadian… Come Together

It's the end of 2018 and the world and our country hasn't been this divided for a long time. I wanted to send a message that encourages compromise, collaboration and innovation and discourages the plagues of our time ideological extremism. So in this the holiday season I ask you all as Canadians to #ComeTogether, maybe in time for the World Juniors! Please watch and share your thoughts.

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Starting A Fire: A Mundane Adventure Series
I can be Batman

Starting A Fire: A Mundane Adventure Series

The Little Web Series That Just Might

First off, I have no illusions about this, I know that not a lot of people are going to watch this, care about these posts, I’ll never become internet famous or anything else that pretentious. I just thought to myself that a lot of people don’t fully comprehend what kind of work, dedication and almost constant disappointment come with the attempt to try and change the trajectory of a small community, that is set in their ways and resistant to change. This series more than anything is about sharing that experience.  (more…)

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