Sandenn Killoran:

Qualifications and Experience

Sandenn Resume

Google Adwords Certified

I have successfully been accredited by Google Partners in Google Adwords. A credit to my knowledge and expertise in utilizing Search Engine Marketing and Optimization in Online Marketing Campaigns.

My Google Adwords Certification
My Google Adwords Certification

Google Analytics Certified

It’s one thing to get traffic to your site, it’s quite another to fully understand how that traffic got there, what they did while they were there and the reasons that they either did or did not do what you wanted them to do. Through my certified Google Analytics training, I can help you start filling in those blanks.

My Google Analytics Certification
My Google Analytics Certification

Volunteer Experience

Since I was 13 I’ve coached minor hockey and it is truly one of the things I miss the most since moving to Edmonton. I’d like to say that from an early age I understood the value of giving back to your community. The truth is that for a very long time it was the only thing that came naturally to me. The work didn’t seem like work and it was always easy to get myself up and going for the causes that I worked for. From raising money for local and national charities to coaching and even a failed attempt to become the youngest mayor in my small rural New Brunswick village’s history, a passion for community and giving back has always, and will always be part of my life. I think it’s why I am so fascinated by social media.


I have a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Allison University that I completed as a member of the class of 2009. Mount Allison is consistently ranked Canada’s Top Undergraduate University, I guess being around that much consistent performance and attention to quality was bound to rub off a little.

Sandenn's Process Breakdown
Sandenn’s Process Breakdown

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