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13 Reasons Why – A Testament About How Awful We All Are

Society “Welcome to Your Tape.”

Have you watched the show yet? Undoubtedly you have heard about Netflix’s most recent Original series. The plot is set against the aftermath of a young girl’s suicide and the 13 people that played a role in her decision to kill herself. Since it was released last month, there has been an onslaught of concerned parents’ groups that make the accusation that it glorifies suicide. Although, I can honestly say the revenge plot does seem pretty impressive at times, by the end of the series you are no longer left with any illusions about how painful these decisions are. Instead, we are left with what I think is the real indictment of our times. That for all of our connectivity, our posting in support of, the Je Suis Charlie’s,  the I (heart) Insert tragedy/disease here or #CauseoftheDay, We have only become more horrible to each other. The message I took away from the show, is that it was not about Hannah (the girl who killed herself), rather this show was about the kids, or society that causes this isolation and pain through our selfishness and failure to understand and connect with each other. (more…)

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Wish I Was Here: The Sort of Sequel to Garden State

Wish I Was Here: Review

Those of you know me, might know that I am a bit of a monster when it comes to media consumption. One thing I particularly enjoy is going to the theatre, seeing a movie and then discussing it relentlessly afterwards. As an exercise for myself as a writer and as a means to give my wife a break from my constant analysis and reanalysis of movies and television shows, I’ve decided to start including reviews into my blog, the first of which will be for the Zach Braff written, directed and Kickstarter funded Wish I Was Here.


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