Why I Ran

My home...   I wake up in the morning, and if I sit up, and the blinds are open, I can see the water. When I go downstairs to have my first of five daily coffees I can see an open field that runs into the woods. There is not a day that goes by [...]

An NDP Survival Guide: Forget Winning, Just Try To Stay Alive

It Was a Failure For the Ages Tom Mulcair could be found recently riding home with Justin Trudeau on the jetliner reserved for the Prime Minister and his entourage. Coming back from the Paris UN Climate Conference, the leader of the NDP was likely sitting in the corner with the little support staff he has [...]

New Brunswick 2020 Manifesto

Taking a good hard look. My little brother graduated from Bathurst High School recently. The school that I myself graduated from, ten years ago. As I watched him up on the stage, noticing that the number of seats had decreased somewhat noticeably since I graduated, I got very introspective about the state in which my [...]