The Video Blogs Begin

Good day friends, as promised I am going to be doing a lot more work on the personal blog, and the professional channels, so make sure to come back early and often, the new format is almost finalized and they are all going to kick off with a video. #NoCertaintyOnlyOpportunity

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Finding Time to Learn

The World’s A Busy Place… You are reading my first post in quite some time. There have been a large number of reasons for the delays in my writing, but I would say that the primary factor has been work. A lot of the time we allow ourselves to get bogged down in the routine, […]

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An Election

A Majority So, the longest election in modern Canadian history is over. It was a long and drawn out affair that culminated in the election of our second Prime Minister Trudeau. The election was fraught with attack ads, race baiting, screaming supporters and a majority, that it seemed no one except my grandmother saw coming.

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