Who You Are and How You Fail

Blogging everyday was bound to lead to some introspection Well it was bound to happen. Writing a blog everyday, apart from regulating a bit of the traffic to the site, was always going to lead to having to share some personal stories. I hope you can learn from these even if they are just cautionary […]

Building a Funnel

Fall Into The Funnel Social Media Likes are only useful if they can serve your business or brand’s objectives to grow. Creating a Better Business Funnel I have noticed while working with successful companies, big and small; they are continually adding potential clients into their sales funnel. Sometimes it can be through volunteer work, and […]

Earthquakes, Aftershocks and Your Dreams

A Tectonic Exhale When The Earth Shakes Did you feel the Earthquakes today? I got both of them. The first one was a bit softer as I was sitting down in the basement of my office. The second came around while I was home at lunch sitting down with my newborn son and then watching […]

A Bootcamp for Those Who Want to Become More

Becoming More? I’m really excited, almost as much as I was in Houston when I got to step into the space suit (see photo on left). Why am I really excited? Because, I have booked my first Small Business / Startup Bootcamp.  The Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is hosting the event and I couldn’t be […]

One Man’s Thoughts from the OBGYN Office

When You’re the Only Man in the Building… I am currently sitting in the waiting room in the OBGYN office. There weren’t a lot of seats so I’m not even close to my wife. My infant son and I are alone in a corner near the radio so attention is naturally drawn towards the only […]

Opinions and Your Entitlement

This feels like it shouldn’t have to be said. Opinions are not the same as facts and no your opinion is not by default just as valid as anyone else’s. People are allowed to express their opinions in a free and just society, our laws and society protect the person from imprisonment and violence from […]

The Unreasonable Man

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;… The ceremony of innocence is drowned;The best lack all conviction, while the worstAre full of passionate intensity. W.B. Yeats – The Second Coming When Ambition Meets Apathy Many of us spend most of our evenings sitting at home re-watching a show that we’ve seen several times already? I […]

Failing Spectacularly: A New Adventure

What just happened to your Facebook Page I am glad you asked. As most of you know two months ago Mallory and I had our first child, Jack. Apart from being devastatingly cute and a pretty well-behaved baby, he has also served as a bit of a wake-up call. I am what you would call […]