Why Every Business Should Try to Be More Like the Bruins

Unreasonable Consulting Sandenn’s Atlantic Canadian Blog About Sandenn X Why the Bruins Are So Good… And the Need For EcoSystems   Sandenn   2023-02-28 Entrepreneur The Boston Bruins are the best team in the NHL this year, and it isn’t even close. As we watch an all out arms race take place prior to the […]

The Relativeness of Money

Beautiful couple in car dealership chooses car

Unreasonable Consulting Sandenn’s Atlantic Canadian Blog About Sandenn X The Relativeness of Money Sandenn 2023-02-27 Entrepreneur,Political,Ramblings Money is a relative concept, and the amount of money that may seem like a large sum to one person or business may not be considered much at all to another. How much money is relative depends on the […]

The Future of Dealerships in Canada

The Future of Dealerships in Canada (Disclaimer: This article may mention Ford, but in no way is a review or indictment of the awesome Ford dealership pictured above) So Ford (the corporation) just laid off a few thousand employees. This article from the Washington Post (Click Here) details the move as the company continues its […]

The Roles We Play

This week’s post is a personal one. I hope that if you decide to read it, that you learn something about me, and maybe something about yourself. If you need me, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Wherever you are.

Screwing Over Your Neighbour, And Other Fun Family Activities

Your Neighbour Watching You

The Prisoner’s Dilemma There is a thought experiment called the Prisoner’s Dilemma. In the test, two prisoners are brought in by the police and sequestered in separate interrogation rooms. The detective comes into each room and under a bright light leans in, so close that you can taste the coffee and nicotine on his breath. […]

The Future is Female. And Men Should Be Worried.

(Originally posted on LinkedIn) First of all, I’ll save you from wondering, that is a clickbaity title. Yesterday, I started formally the next chapter of my professional career, a business consulting firm to work with early-stage or small businesses/side hustlers. The first phase of my business model is to host Small Business Bootcamps. I teach […]

Standing Still

A short post today. Just to remind everyone that change is movement, from one place to another. It might look fast and daunting but it’s only because we are standing still.

The Next Step…

Run Before You Walk. I am officially 20 days out from my first small business bootcamp, and I am very excited.  It’s my first venture out into trying to do something that is purely me, professionally. I have my work on council but as a councillor you’re part of a team and not one that […]