Standing Still

A short post today. Just to remind everyone that change is movement, from one place to another. It might look fast and daunting but it’s only because we are standing still.

The Next Step…

Run Before You Walk.

I am officially 20 days out from my first small business bootcamp, and I am very excited. 

It’s my first venture out into trying to do something that is purely me, professionally. I have my work on council but as a councillor you’re part of a team and not one that always goes in the direction that you want to go. So, this business is very important to me because it will finally be something that I can control, that I can take the satisfaction of success or the accountability of failure. 

I am 32 years old now, closer to 33 than 31. A father of an excellent little soon to be 5-month-old, and when significant segments of your life start to take shape, it makes you go through a bit of an existential review of your life. 

During my review, I realized how disappointed with myself I was for my time at Mount Allison. I got my degree, but barely. I didn’t try, skipped class, drank on the weekdays and slept till noon for about 4 years. Not only is this lifestyle attractive for an immature student, but it also creates an excuse for why you didn’t succeed, that everyone I’ve ever encountered has utilized at least once in their lives.

“I could have done better if I tried harder, decided to take that chance or that proverbial next step.”

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Building a Funnel

Fall Into The Funnel

Social Media Likes are only useful if they can serve your business or brand's objectives to grow.

Creating a Better Business Funnel

I have noticed while working with successful companies, big and small; they are continually adding potential clients into their sales funnel. Sometimes it can be through volunteer work, and it can be through another job that spins off into opportunities to make more money with an additional service.
But what is becoming the most common filler of funnels, for small businesses, is social media. Everyone needs a presence on social media. 
Social media marketing is no longer a choice; it’s a fact of life. Whether you run a personal cleaning service, home care, or sell million-dollar homes, you need to have a tight social media game. But creating great content, although that’s incredibly hard, is only half the battle. You need to understand how your business’ funnel works once you have people falling into it.

Fall Into The Funnel

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Earthquakes, Aftershocks and Your Dreams

Chasm In The Earth, Iceland
A Tectonic Exhale

When The
Earth Shakes

Did you feel the Earthquakes today? I got both of them. The first one was a bit softer as I was sitting down in the basement of my office. The second came around while I was home at lunch sitting down with my newborn son and then watching my wife react to it.

Apparently, we may be subjected to a few days of aftershocks. Which I feel is a really cool concept. And it’s also a perfect metaphor for what it can be like to try and make a life-changing decision, maybe about your health, maybe about a relationship, your career or anything else.

Earthquakes are caused by immense pressure under the surface of the earth, moving plates build tension until one gives or one force overcomes the other. Afterwards, there are often aftershocks, some of which can outdo the intensity of the initial quake. When we make seismic changes in our life, these are the consequences that we have to be prepared for. Sometimes the destruction can lead to the freedom and release that we have longed for. Then on other occasions, it feels like we have lost everything as the earth opens below us and swallows all of our dreams. 

It is exceptionally uncommon in Northern New Brunswick to feel the Earth Shake. It’s a dramatic occurrence that has everyone talking for a day or two. So use this time to ask yourself if it’s time for you to do like the tectonic plates under our feet, and shake stuff up!


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A Bootcamp for Those Who Want to Become More

Becoming More?

I’m really excited, almost as much as I was in Houston when I got to step into the space suit (see photo on left). Why am I really excited? Because, I have booked my first Small Business / Startup Bootcamp. 

The Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is hosting the event and I couldn’t be more psyched to get to put on what I believe is going to be an amazing workshop in my home region, a few blocks from where I graduated high school.

Why Should You (the Reader) Care?

That’s a good question and hopefully I can answer it for you.

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5 Things We Know About Ourselves, But Can Only Tell Ourselves When We are Alone

It’s been a while since my last post. Work has been busy, I turned a work trip into a mini vacation with the family. It was amazing.

Lake Louise – Jack, Mallory and Sandenn

What I am most happy about is that Mallory and I were able to spend a great deal of time together talking about the future that we want for each other, ourselves and our son. An amazing thing happens when you have a kid, your mortality kicks in. You start to realize that time is finite and that if you want to build something you can pass down, then you have to take action.

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One Man’s Thoughts from the OBGYN Office

When You’re the Only Man in the Building…

I am currently sitting in the waiting room in the OBGYN office. There weren’t a lot of seats so I’m not even close to my wife. My infant son and I are alone in a corner near the radio so attention is naturally drawn towards the only two penises in the building. This simultaneous isolation and passive curiosity have given me time to consider the following things:

  1. I can understand why office gender parity is important, you kind of just feel like you stand out when you’re the only member of your gender in a given room.
  2. Women who smoke do not enjoy having to wait an hour past their appointment time.
  3. The car seat my son has is like one of the business class pods on Air Canada, except that I have to carry him around. And there is no unlimited wine.
  4. There is a correlation between how much denim someone is wearing and their level of patience.
  5. If you slam your toes in the door and only have your narrow tipped dress shoes you’ll spend your waiting room experience feeling your heart beat in your shoe.
  6. The presence of a man in the waiting room, regardless of the accompanying car seat seems to make everyone else a little bit uncomfortable.
  7. If Zdeno Chara can’t play in the rest of the Finals and Bergeron can lead them to a cup it’ll cement his name in Boston Sports History. Not a small feat.
  8. Local FM radio although always playing something might not be the best option for a room of inpatient people.
  9. Public WiFi should be a requirement in all waiting areas.
  10. If Belledune doesn’t want to invest in attracting new citizens and investment to the community they should just say it so young families don’t waste years waiting for the community to care about them.
  11. Is it better to live a strictly principled life and fail or compromise and increase the probability of success?
  12. What would it be like if we taught decision making and moral psychology in high schools.

Well that killed about 15 minutes, so hopefully there’s something in that list that triggers some thoughts for you too. And Jack is still sleeping in his business class pod. thanks for reading.