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Stepping Away

The Right Decision I am not one to give up. I often fail, sometimes miserably, but I hate giving up.

Wins and Losses: Win #2 The Lobster Festival

Win #2 The Lobster Festival Win #2 Showcasing Belledune! I call it the Lobster Festival, because I am not a fan of the branding that the Bathurst group chose and really in this second iteration of the Festival, the crew from Belledune, well we made it our own! Months of work went into the planning […]

Wins and Losses: Loss #1 The Arena

Not the first one, but one that still stings. As you may know, I love hockey. If I am not posting about politics or business, it is most certainly about Hockey. I’ve never been good at hockey but I’ve always understood the game better than most and had good vision. I was also a big […]

Win #1 – The Student Subsidy Program

Wins and Losses I have taken a few shots at writing a, “why I’m running,” blog post. All have resulted in long rambling paragraphs that in all honesty likely would come out better if refined down into a speech. And so I am going to do that; however, I did want to have something on […]

Statement Regarding Belledune’s Future

The Smelter has been a fixture of this community for almost 60 years. It pre-dates the Power Plant, the Sawmill and the Village itself. If we can all think of something that has played such an essential role in our lives for over 50 years, we often think of family members or long-standing family homes.  […]