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Sandenn Killoran

For Mayor of Belledune 2020

Stronger, Together

Days Until The 2020 Municipal Election

Election Day!

About Sandenn

Meet Sandenn Killoran

Sandenn was born on a -35 January day in Grande Prairie Alberta, January 26th, 1987. His parents Dennis Killoran (of Armstrong Brook) and Roxanne LaPointe (of Noel Settlement) were just starting their lives together, lives that would bring them and their newborn across the country in search of opportunity and prosperity. As Sandenn grew, he was fortunate to always have the chance to experience how communities across the country could come together in times of plenty as well as hardship. The lessons he learned from Northwestern Alberta to the Eastern Tip of Newfoundland, is what he brings to the table in his quest to help his friends, family and community become more!

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Sandenn's Platform for Belledune

It's One Thing to See The Path, It Is Another to Have the Courage to Walk It.

Economic Development

Building the infrastructure and environment for the people and the businesses to reach their potential.

A Plan for Today, With Vision for Tomorrow

Sandenn has a plan of strategic areas of development in order to put Belledune on solid ground for the short term and long term prosperity of our community. Click below to learn more.
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Education and Training

A focus on helping the people in our community to compete on a global level.

Investing in Ourselves

The world has changed, we must move quickly to catch up. Communities that succeed in getting through tough times are the communities that invest in their people. Sandenn will make access and delivery of post-secondary training a priority and deliver opportunities within the village for our citizens to realize their potential.
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Responsibility & Accountability

The establishment of Councillor Portfolios, for various issues and initiatives within the Village.

Responsibility & Accountability

From Economic Development, Age Friendly Living Initiatives , Tourism, Health and Wellness and many others. Sandenn will follow the path of other municipalities by empowering Councillors to take responsibility for strengthening our Village for generations to come.
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A Better Belledune

Strategic Actions to both retain and attract the services and resources that enable Belledune's Citizens live rich and fulfilling lives regardless of age and life stage.

Liveable Communities

From daycares to retirement communities and everything in between. Life is not measured about where you live but how you live it. We will take strategic action to increase the quality of life for all of the people in our community and for those yet to come.
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Campaign News & Announcements

Come WOrk With Sandenn

Events w/ Sandenn



Belledune, Youth Committee Meeting

Wednesday Janauary 15, 2020 – 18:30 Belledune Municipal Hall



Tentative Date for Public Session on Grant Applicatio

Sunday February 16, Location TBD

We can Do this. But only together.

Can Sandenn Count On Your Support?

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