Small Business BootCamps

Give your business the resources it needs to take it to the next level.

A BootCamp To Start or Grow Your Business, Whatever the Size!

We’ve all dreamed about being our own bosses. Whether it’s to start an entirely new career or to make a little extra income each year for a better vacation, or a down payment on a cottage, we have all had the dream of making our own money and controlling our own stories.

At our Bootcamps we help entrepreneurs achieve that dream.  We go through the building of a simple but very helpful Business Plan, how to register your company, perform Market Analysis and workshop real strategies for growth. You’ll leave with an understanding of the ins and outs of growing your business.

We  only allow 16 participants to register so that we can build a fellowship and level of trust between the participants that will lead to lasting relationships. These relationships, shared insights and conversations become an invaluable resource to the aspiring entrepreneur.

What You'll Leave With

Marketing Strategy

Standing out in a crowd. We will begin to craft the first few chapters of your business' story. We will identify customer personas and test those assumptions with the rest of the class.

Technology Recommendations

We've used a lot of different platforms, software and services to help our business grow, we will give you a toolkit to use based on past successes and failures.

An Action Plan

We will work together and with the group and guest experts to draft up a quick action plan so you can take immediate action!

Why Discovery

As made famous by Simon Sinek, we will go through the core exercises of the Why Discovery Course and have you well on the way to discovering your business' "Why"


Your classmates are going to be your first peer group. Plus Sandenn and the rest of the team will be there to help you connect to the right people for your idea.


Whether you're starting your first side hustle or you are trying to take the next step with your small business, we will work together to find the best way forward!

Here to Help Your Organization Thrive

Presented By:

Quinn's Point Ltd. Northern New Brunswick's Strategic Consultants.

Sandenn Killoran

Lead Instructor and Coach

Pricing for Classes

Up To 16 Participating Businesses
$ 1500
00 +HST
  • In-class 2-Day Sessions
  • Expert Guest Speakers
  • Customized Strategy Development for Participants

Available All Over Atlantic Canada

Home Office: Belledune, New Brunswick

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