Sandenn Killoran Regional Development Consultant

How We’ve Failed…


It has been a few weeks since the protests in the USA have begun, and I have been mostly silent on the matter as I sat back and reflected on the role I played or did not play in making things better or worse in the communities in which I live. I have discretely made some donations to causes supporting the movement and lent my name to petitions demanding justice and change. I live in a white region of Canada, and racial diversity is not always front and centre in my mind. After living in Edmonton, a much larger city and coming back for a visit, I was sitting at the lights at a popular intersection, and it hit me how white of a community northern New Brunswick is. (more…)

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Win #1 – The Student Subsidy Program

Wins and Losses

I have taken a few shots at writing a, “why I’m running,” blog post. All have resulted in long rambling paragraphs that in all honesty likely would come out better if refined down into a speech. And so I am going to do that; however, I did want to have something on the site for people who are interested in my campaign. Whether you are from Belledune, Bathurst or Bangladesh, it is my sincere hope that these quick stories will provide a bit of insight into why I am running what motivates me and who I am. I’ll try to post one at least every two days but if I fall short I apologize in advance. (more…)

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Support Your Friends: 5 Ways to Be A Great Friend to Your Entrepreneurial Buddies

Today’s thoughts:

You might have a friend who is trying to grow their business, maybe it’s a Scentsy or Pink Zebra or the old standard Avon business. Or maybe it’s a canteen or a restaurant, or anything. I’d like you to think about something before you choose to ridicule or fail to be as supportive as you can be. Starting a business, regardless of the size or type is a public declaration. It’s your friend saying that they are not fulfilled in their current job, role or where they are in their lives. It’s them doing what they can do to empower themselves to pursue what makes them happy. (more…)

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