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So Sandenn.com is finally getting some love and attention. I know it has been a while, in fact a couple of years, but I am getting back on the personal brand and domain focus. That being said Dockyard is just fine and continuing to run along well. In large part because of my amazing Digital Media partner Ismael Lavallee, so don’t worry you’ll be able to keep finding new things and a lot of these posts over at dockyard.ca as well!

However, I was digging through this site as I was getting some receipts sorted and I came across the video below.

"I feel that I miss getting to just be me."

A lot of what I do is based on me being creative. And even though Dockyard is a large “me,” through our work with our clients and people we have partnered with, it has become much more. The downside is that with all the content that has to be created to grow a personal brand, a must for a consultant like myself, I didn’t feel as comfortable just whipping out the phone or taking the time to write personal essays like this one. 

So when I saw the video above for the first time in years, I realized that I was not only proud of the message, but I also loved the reason to film more, create more, and live more authentically. 

So Please Stick Around

I am hoping that I can get back into a groove on Sandenn.com. New content like this post will be shared on my and Dockyard’s Facebook page and our LinkedIn profiles. 

The truth is, I believe in the journey I am on. The last three years have been a rollercoaster. So as I attempt to inspire others to take the entrepreneurial leap or take risks within their existing businesses, it is only fair that I am honest with you about what that journey is like. The glorious highs, the golf afternoons, and accounts receivable hell, as well as taxes and payroll and constant stress and putting yourself out for a big client and then getting essentially told to F-Off, only to see them use your ideas anyway. (That Story is to Come)

So, I hope you’ll stay tuned and if you are interested in having a chat with me about strategy, growth systems, and making better choices for your career or business, you can book a half-hour with me any time you need to. 

Welcome Back, 

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