A Letter to My Coaches – Current and Former

Keep doing what you are doing. Shot of a baseball coach talking to his team while out on the pitch.

Sandenn’s Atlantic Canadian Blog About Sandenn Economic Development & Strategic Planning X A Letter to My Coaches – Current and Former   Sandenn   2023-03-15 Entrepreneur How vital are coaches? The short answer is very important! Although it isn’t that cut and dry. Coaches are not always called coaches, although sometimes they assume that alias, […]

Why Every Business Should Try to Be More Like the Bruins

Unreasonable Consulting Sandenn’s Atlantic Canadian Blog About Sandenn X Why the Bruins Are So Good… And the Need For EcoSystems   Sandenn   2023-02-28 Entrepreneur The Boston Bruins are the best team in the NHL this year, and it isn’t even close. As we watch an all out arms race take place prior to the […]

The Relativeness of Money

Beautiful couple in car dealership chooses car

Unreasonable Consulting Sandenn’s Atlantic Canadian Blog About Sandenn X The Relativeness of Money Sandenn 2023-02-27 Entrepreneur,Political,Ramblings Money is a relative concept, and the amount of money that may seem like a large sum to one person or business may not be considered much at all to another. How much money is relative depends on the […]

The Future of Dealerships in Canada

The Future of Dealerships in Canada (Disclaimer: This article may mention Ford, but in no way is a review or indictment of the awesome Ford dealership pictured above) So Ford (the corporation) just laid off a few thousand employees. This article from the Washington Post (Click Here) details the move as the company continues its […]

How to Steal Business Ideas, And Get Away With It

Stealing Business Ideas

Innovation is Hard, Stealing is Easier! So, you’re searching for a business idea or a solution to a problem plaguing your business. You’ve been trying to create one out of thin air for months or years.  But under the circumstances, you just can’t figure it out. I am here to tell you that you are […]

Top Five Side-Hustles in New Brunswick

Five. 5. tonythetigersson, Tony Andrews Photography number 5

Introduction to Side-Hustling Side-Hustles are small, part-time, and generally complementary activities that you do to make extra money. In recent years the term gained a lot of popularity, especially with the rise of companies like Uber and Lyft.  Unfortunately, New Brunswick has not made it a priority to help people supplement their income by allowing […]

Capacity – Business Jargon

Capacity https://youtu.be/_WRrHXXiWSQ I’m sorry for this one going so long, but you should have seen how long it took me to set up the room.  That being said, Capacity is a critical concept to understand and apply as a small business owner in rural Canada.

Back to Being Sandenn…

Being Authentic… So Sandenn.com is finally getting some love and attention. I know it has been a while, in fact a couple of years, but I am getting back on the personal brand and domain focus. That being said Dockyard is just fine and continuing to run along well. In large part because of my […]

How We’ve Failed…

  It has been a few weeks since the protests in the USA have begun, and I have been mostly silent on the matter as I sat back and reflected on the role I played or did not play in making things better or worse in the communities in which I live. I have discretely […]

The Blog Returns… Soon

I hope everyone is healthy and safe. I’m just writing to let you know that I will be starting up the blog again soon. With lots to discuss and stories to tell. See you soon