Infamous Last Words

The Worst Argument for Anything Ever I haven't written a post in a while. There are a lot of reasons, one being that I am attempting to allow time to cool off after frustrating situations to collect my thoughts and adequately express myself and my ideas. What I've realized though is that by the time [...]

#Canada150 Acting Our Age

Growing Up So Canada is one hundred and fifty today. So as I sit at my kitchen table drinking my Molson Canadian and trying to think of a quick blog post to issue on this auspicious day, my mind is drawn to the idea of growing up. Across the country, we draw our own lines [...]

13 Reasons Why – A Testament About How Awful We All Are

Society "Welcome to Your Tape." Have you watched the show yet? Undoubtedly you have heard about Netflix's most recent Original series. The plot is set against the aftermath of a young girl's suicide and the 13 people that played a role in her decision to kill herself. Since it was released last month, there has [...]