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Affordable Childcare

Affordable Childcare

I have and will continue to work on this file as it is critical to the wellbeing of the community for young and old families alike. As our community continues to lose its ability to retain young families our prospects of keeping services required by all demographics diminish.
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Age-Friendly Living

Age-Friendly Living

Our community has a rapidly aging population. As this population continues to grow older, our existing infrastructure becomes that much more important and gaining new infrastructure is also critical. We must keep health care services stable, we must find ways to support the set up of new age friendly living options inside the community so that our seniors do not have to leave the community that they helped to build.
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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

I am incredibly proud of the programs that I started as a councillor. It was my motions that created the office of the Health and Wellness Coordinator, a position that has continued to develop new and engaging programs since my original fitness and yoga classes. I promise that if elected I will continue to pursue the development of a wider range of programs to engage citizens of every age.
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A Better Belledune

It's Not Enough To Live, One must Live Well.

I was lucky enough to grow up across this great country. Because I spent my year splitting time between Newfoundland , Alberta and Belledune I was always aware of the differences. In Valleyview Alberta the recreational programs for kids and adults were a priority. These programs helped fight isolation in the long dark winters, and kept kids from falling into dangerous habits like drug use and depression. In Newfoundland developments were built with the safety of pedestrians, especially children in mind. An intricate paved trail network that kept adults and kids off the busy streets as they stayed active and visited their friends. 

Now in Belledune we are building the foundations of those programs. A vote for me and councillors who share these values will guarantee that these programs continue to grow and evolve. 


Our world has never been more connected, and yet we have never seen greater instances of addiction, mental health issues and chronic disease. We are a remote community with neighbouring communities that exclude us from most of their decisions. And although healthcare and other related services are supposed to be the domain of the provincial government, we need to show leadership in these areas. Craft solutions that work for Belledune, and can be adopted by the province.

It isn’t hard to figure out that any community lives and breathes based on the support and health of its citizens. In order to ensure that our seniors can remain independent and in their homes, and that younger families can live fulfilling and ambitious lives we must take action to build a better Belledune.

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