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A muscle atrophies when it isn’t used…

Rhythm and routine might just be the most dangerous things to the human mind. Get up, shower, get dressed, feed the dog, go to work, reply to emails, run the reports, make the calls, reply to more emails, go home, feed the dog, make an excuse for not exercising, go to sleep and start the whole thing over again in the morning. It’s as boring to write as I’m sure it is to read, and it can create a metric ton of issues in every aspect of your life.

First, you get complacent in your work; that can be dangerous especially if you work in a hazardous environment. It creates a sense of apathy that seeps into the rest of your life, which can affect everything from exercise to your personal relationships.

The obvious answer would be to bust the routine; however, as I have discovered in my new found adultness, work, financial commitments, and other responsibilities don’t always allow for sudden breaks from the norm. So, what are we left to do? Well, I’ve been listening to all of the Ted Talks, Podcasts, and Audiobooks that I can get my hands on, and it’s been going great, with only one significant undesirable or maybe desirable side-effect.

Hands-Free Reading

Like I stated above, it’s not always possible to get the time to break the norm. So if you want to change things up like me, and start discovering new ideas and concepts while still being able to accomplish the rest of the tasks that the day has for you audiobooks or podcasts may be your best option. I drive a lot for work, and even my commute to and from my office allows me to make an impactful dent in any podcast or audiobook chapter. Those of you with longer commutes or who like to take walks or runs, or cook elaborate meals, there are dozens of opportunities to capitalize on these audio lectures.

Now, the purists out there will say that the reading of the books and having the voice be your own will help the information stick better. These are also the people who may point out the conflicting nature of espousing the benefits of audiobooks by writing a blog. To those people who clearly have enough time to sit down and read a book free of all other demands on your time, I offer you a slow and sarcastically fuelled slow clap.

I started with some of the top 10 podcasts, learning from industry experts about sales and management. They are informative and mildly entertaining, but (and I know I’m very late to the party) the most thought provoking and engaging author I have found as of yet is fellow Canadian and thought leader extraordinaire Malcolm Gladwell. 

But Sandenn, you said there were Dangers to thinking too much. That’s right, and I’m getting there.

Broken Glass Is Very Hard to Reassemble

There’s no going back, you’ve changed things. Forever. – Heath Ledger – The Joker

Once we begin to alter the way we perceive the world, the way we think, it can be a glass shattering moment. The effect of which can be that trying to force yourself back into your auto-pilot routine can seem very much like walking on said glass. So what happens next, you still have bills, you still have responsibilities and the people you care about and love haven’t changed, so you are still bound to do the things that need to be done to support and care for them. This is where we enter the ever lamented Danger Zone.

We end up doing more, sleeping less, working harder to try and make the world meet our new found expectations. The only hope I believe that we have is to enroll others into this new found world view, and hence this blog post. My first post in months and I rattled it out in less than a half hour. I don’t believe that everyone has to listen to the same things I do, or even come to the same conclusions that I do; however, I do believe that routine and the “We’ve Always Done It This Way” mantra is well past its expiration date. So if in short, I believe that you’ll be tired, you will get frustrated, but ultimately your world begins to open the more you invite new perspectives into it, it’s pretty amazing and well worth the risk.


For an excellent start, that’s free, please go to and listen to the first season of Malcolm Gladwell’s phenomenal podcast. The episode about the different kinds of genius and origin story of the song Hallelujah is just as haunting as the song. And so I leave you with the definitive version of the song that only after countless revisions, multiple covers, and a tragic death did it become the classic that we all know and love.

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