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Why I’d Vote for Dominic Cardy.


I feel the need to preface this article with the following qualifying statements to eliminate accusations of partisanship and the presumption of telling people how to vote. My name is Sandenn Killoran, I supported Brian Gallant in his bid for the leadership of the New Brunswick Liberal Party, I would have voted Liberal in the last election, and I am happy that we currently have a Liberal government in the province of New Brunswick.


With all of the above being said, if I were living in Saint John East and not South Edmonton, I would vote for Dominic Cardy. I am not giving up my membership to the Liberal Party, nor am I becoming a member of the NDP. I just firmly believe that my home province and the people of Saint John East would be better served with more voices in the legislature, not fewer.

One of the great things that came out of that long election night, was the almost unanimous sense of satisfaction that came from David Coon’s election in Fredericton South. Across political lines there was a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The province had a fresh and independent voice in the legislature and everyone agreed, “That was a good thing.”


I feel that New Brunswick and Saint John East should take this opportunity to enfranchise the 13% of the province that voted for the NDP and to allow a strong voice in the house. A voice that is not beholden to any but his riding and his province. I believe that the province and the people of Saint John East would benefit greatly from Dominic Cardy being in the Legislative Assembly.


I first met Dominic Cardy when I was the Communications Director for the New Brunswick Young Liberal Association. I was attempting to organize a bi-partisan youth outreach program, which would, in a fair and balanced method, promote the value and importance of political engagement, especially among the youth of New Brunswick. Sadly the program fell to the wayside when most of the committee that was working on it, had to leave the province for work (including myself). Dominic’s engagement and our shared belief that the province would benefit from more people’s voices being heard and not fewer, is the main reason I am writing this endorsement today.

I will leave you with this last instance that reinforces my belief that Dominic Cardy would do great things in the legislature.

It’s what we do when there isn’t anything in it for ourselves that determines our worth!


My family does not feature a great deal of political diversity. My father is a Liberal, his father is a Liberal and his father was a Liberal. So that makes my Great Uncle Joe kind of the “black sheep” as a very devout trade unionist NDP member from Saskatchewan. Joe spends his summers in Belledune, happily gardening, swimming in the bay and going for walks along the coast; however, two summers ago Joe’s hip (which has since been repaired) was severely limiting his mobility. As a result his garden was only 4 rows instead of his customary 10, and much of the harvesting was left to whomever wanted the vegetables.


At this time I had been working with Dominic on the youth outreach project for about a month or two, only ever meeting him twice. I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if Joe could talk to someone about politics, his history with his party and not be met by our family’s trademark Liberal push back.” So I emailed Dominic and explained the situation to him, and that I thought it would be nice for my great uncle to be able to speak to a compatriot. I expected an email back expressing regret that he wouldn’t be able to make it, at least that’s what I got from the Federal Liberals when I asked if the Big Red Bus could stop to see my grandparents the “Life-Long Members.” This however was not the case with Dominic. I received an immediate response from his office saying that they’d make sure he was aware of the request and then not an hour later, I received an email from Dominic letting me know when he’d be in the area and asking me what time of day and location would work best for my uncle and myself.


Dominic and his wonderful wife Margot met with us not much later and conversed with my uncle Joe about his glory days with the NDP in British Columbia, which included, not a small number of brushes with large corporations and the law. These were stories that I had not heard before, as Joe never had the right audience to tell them to (at least that’s why I think he didn’t tell them).


Dominic, despite the fact that this man could never cast a vote for him or any of his candidates, and despite the fact that I was actively working for the party which presented the largest hurdle to his aspirations for the NDP, decided to drive several hours out of his way and then spend several more hours just being a good guy, with absolutely no upside for himself. These are the kinds of people we need in government.


That’s why I’d vote for Dominic Cardy.



Sandenn Killoran

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