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Hello Again,

Social Media can be a great marketing tool, or it can be an amazing waste of time. Some digital strategy agencies will tell you that you need to be on all the platforms, because you can never be sure of where that next good lead will come from. As the latter may be true, the need to evenly spread effort over all of the various social platforms is certainly not.

Each social platform is not created equal, nor do they even try to measure themselves to the same standards. Sure user-ship is important but if that were the case no one would ever leave Facebook. The beautiful thing about social media is, the people are already there. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, or Linkedin the value offer has already been established with their user base. These users all come to those particular platforms for some variation of the same deliverable.

You’ll find that if you can really clearly identify which platform is perfect for your business, your audience will already be there waiting for you. So with that in mind and to use a social media tool that seems to be all the rage right now, I created a Quiz. When you complete the quiz, it should match you and your business with the social media platform that best represents you and your audience. To be clear I am not saying ignore the other platforms, I am just saying that your time will be better rewarded if you pick one to do an amazing job on, and allow the others to support that platform. Kind of like picking a favourite child, sure you still feed, love and clothe the other children, you just don’t waste any time on worrying whether they will go to college.

Hope it helps.

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